Transferring from sit to stand on a rocking recliner can be challenging and difficult for an individual with weakness, compromised heart health, balance problems, and other impairments.  Sometimes family members will purchase a medical lift chair to decrease the effort and fall risk of a loved one that enjoys sitting in a recliner but cannot stand up from the soft, low, and rocking surface of a recliner.  However, if your loved one prefers his/her LAZY BOY recliner to a new medical lift chair, here are some tips for making recliner transfers & lifts easier:



picutre of a telephone book under the front of the recliner

Telephone book under the front of the recliner

  1. Place a telephone book under the front of the recliner- this prevents the chair from rocking forward and down

  2. If transferring to a wheelchair, place the wheelchair at a 45º angle from the recliner and lock the brakes

  3. Remove the wheelchair armrest toward your loved one’s stronger side – the direction you want to transfer your loved one because it is easier on you and him/her to go toward the stronger leg

  4. Remove both of the wheelchair’s footrests to decrease tripping/falling during the transfer

  5. Have your loved one scoot to the front of the recliner

  6. Use your knees to block your loved one’s weakest leg

  7. Ask your loved one to reach forward and “give you a hug”

  8. Spread your hands out wide over both hips to help you “scoop” up your loved one

These tips should make the transfer/lift of your loved one from a rocking recliner both easier and safer.




Please check my website frequently because I will be adding a video of this transfer soon.

As always,  if you have any questions or need further advice, please contact me.  I am honored to have you visit my site, and I will continue to provide tips/tricks in an effort to make daily care of a loved one easier and safer.  


Shawna PT, MPT

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2 thoughts on “How To Stand Up From A Recliner: 8 Tips for Making Recliner Transfers Safer & Easier”

  1. Thank you for creating this video, Shawna..I feel less intimidated about situation. In just the time watching your video, vs 3 weeks @ rehab and 3 mo prior in hospitals/ICU for my Dad..I finally feel comforted by you vs everyone met before. Your style in explaining is so welcomed, such a calm, caring person I’ve been blessed to watch.
    Dad’s Rehab Therapist seemed to give up on my dad using a transfer board saying it’s too difficult to use on him. Unbelievable! She only tried twice and gave up! I truly believe watching you was a Godsend. Rehab says they don’t see progress to get him to stand or walk, so they’ll prepare us to take him home. “Caregiver Meeting” tmrw..not sure how they expect us to move him much if don’t include transfer board.
    However, I feel confident that I can learn on my own thru you! Thank you so much! It’s been a hard, yet rewarding journey for us, since the Dr did not expect my dad to survive, It will be wonderful to bring him home soon and allow him mobility again with transfer board or slide board. God bless!

    1. It was such a pleasure and a blessing to read your comments. Most of all, it is my greatest pleasure to help others taking on the sometimes most difficult role as a primary caregiver. If you need any special one-on-one assistance or I can make another video to help you in any way, please feel free to contact me. I must admit, I recently lost my mother unexpectedly so my website creativity and management has declined, but I am trying to get back to my daily routine. I pray for you and your dad, and I am here to help in any way I can.

      Thank you so much for your heartfelt and encouraging words.
      Shawna, PT, MPT

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