Thank you for visiting my site and I truly hope you have learned something new by the time you leave.

I have been providing Home-Based Physical Therapy for numerous patient’s with varying diagnoses from Cancer, Stroke, Heart Attack, Joint Replacement, Parkinson’s and even Alzheimer’s Disease.  I realize I have not learned everything about every diagnosis because let’s just face the facts:  I am only one person and I could not possibly have seen EVERY type of illness/impairment/disease and disorder.  My patients constantly challenge me and bring me both depth and invaluable personal fulfillment through their trust, progress, and personal strength/determination to resume an optimal level of independence and quality of life.

Once again, I am only one person with a BIG vision & mission so I will endeavor to frequently add Diagnosis-Specific tips/tricks I have developed and continue to use during daily patient treatments.

The list is short right now, but I would love any comments, suggestions, and questions from you on a diagnosis your loved ones has and you struggle with either understanding how to transfer, walk, lift, or even change his/her bed linens while he/she is in bed.  I am here for YOU–the caregiver!  Let’s make your responsibility and care for your loved one less of a burden together!

Best Regards,

Shawna, PT, MPT